Specializing in pet portraits and inspired by the beauty of nature, Brianna Beasley creates unique and personalized watercolor paintings for her clients.



Furry Friends

Your very own watercolor pet portrait, Brianna's favorites are dogs, but cats, birds and even a ferret have made an appearance!

Flower Power

A collection of watercolor flower paintings in vibrant colors and unique compositions.

Unique flowers

Gorgeous flowers pulled from Brianna's favorites list

Paws and Plants

A group of watercolor paintings featuring dogs and plants, inspired by Brianna's love of both.

Get the whole gang together for a family portrait!

Unique compositions

Pugs in mugs! Poodles in noodles! Chihuahua in a chupacabra! The possibilities are endless and fun.

Family portraits

About Brianna Beasley

Brianna Beasley is a local San Antonio watercolor artist who specializes in pet portraits. Her love of dogs and flowers is evident in her work, and she is dedicated to creating unique and personalized pieces for her clients.

Get in Touch

Interested in commissioning a watercolor portrait of your furry (or non-furry!) friend? Let's chat!


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